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DREAM HOME 1998 -Indianpolis, $3,000,000.00+

DREAM HOME 2004 -Indianapolis, $5,000,000.00+

David Lucus Residence -Indianapolis, $3,000,000.00+

Jermaine O'Neil Residende -Indianapolis, $3,000,000.00+

Jeff Foster Residence -Circero, $3,000,000.00+

BLS Construction-Custom Homes, Range $2,000,000.00+

Tim Durham Estate-Indianapolis, $5,000,000.00+

Richard Woods Estate-Indianapolis, $4,000,000.00+

Ruth Lilly Mansion-Indianapolis

Paul Estridge Sr.-Custom Homes, Range $2,000,000.00+

Reggie Miller -Custom Home, Range $4,000,000.00+

Mattson Custom Home, Range $1,000,000.00+

K.B.Homes By Design -Custom Home, Range $1,000,000.00+

Arista Builders -Custom Homes Range $1,000,000.00+

J.A. Yancey & Associates -Custom Homes, Range $1,000,000.00

Nordstrom Department Store -Indianapolis

Lazarus Department Store -Castleton Square Mall, Indianapolis

Marriott hotel-Keystone at the Crossing -Indianapolis

Arsenal Tech High School -Indianapolis

Noblesville Court House -Noblesville, IN


Eli Lilly Research Center -Indianapolis

Telemon Headquarters -Indianapolis

Palmer -Dodge Dealership -Indianapolis

Washington Park east Community Life Center -Indianapolis

Radisson Hotel -Downtown Indianapolis

Radisson Hotel -Indianapolis Airport

Plainfeild Correctional Facility -Plainfeild,IN

Indianapolis Power Company Headquarters -Indianapolis

Anderson Court House -Anderson, IN


Vizion Restaurant -Indianapolis

Bella Vita Ristorante -Indianapolis

Meijer Department Store -Noblesville, IN

Cummins Mental Health -Avon, IN

Direct Buy Showroom -Indianapolis

Dal-Tile Showroom _Indianapolis

Subaru -Lafayette, IN



Architectural Brick & Tile Showroom -Indianapolis


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